// Five Day Beer Bread//

Well, this bread was an interesting experience.image

So I got this beer made by The Phoenix Ale Brewery, and on the bottle, it says that they don’t pasteurize their beer, so there’s live yeast in the bottle. Immediately I thought of using the yeast in the beer to make bread.


So, I pulled out the apple cider buckwheat recipe that I had such great results with and adapted it for beer.

Day One - Levain

Buckwheat Flour 200g

Beer 250ml


I let that mixture sit for 24 hours.

Day Two: Dough

Levain (above)

Bread Flour 770g

Vital Wheat Gluten 30g

Beer 510g

Salt 25g

Pecans 30g


I kneaded the dough without the salt or pecans, autolysed for 20 minutes and then mixed the rest in. I let the dough bulk ferment for a few hours, nothing happened, so I kept waiting. I figured beer yeast might be slower acting than my wild yeast, so I waited a full 24 hours.


Day Three

So…nothing happened. I decided to add some of my wild yeast starter to the mix. I put the dough back in the mixer and kneaded it again,  It was starting to get grey on the edges and get a really sour odor. I let it ferment overnight.

Day Four

There were some bubbles, but not much rise. I divided the dough and let it proof in proofing bowls. I got home late and they hadn’t risen, so I threw the dough in the fridge.

Day Five

In a last ditch effort to save this dough, I got out the active dry yeast, activated it in warm water and added it to the dough, just pouring unmeasured amounts of bread flour into the dough. Then I hand kneaded the dough awhile. I felt like the gluten had somehow gotten undeveloped and I wanted to make sure it had the potential to still work.

I let it bulk ferment and it rose some. Then I proofed the dough again…I think for something like 3 hours, but maybe more. I got home and found over-proofed dough.


So I immediately preset the oven and impatiently waited for it to warm up.
..it only got to 450F before I loaded them in.  25 minutes later, I got this.


It ended up tasting really good, not too sour like I had feared, but denser than i would have liked.


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